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Electronic Image StabilizationReal-time electronic image stabilization (EIS) compensates for vibration and produces clear video resulting in increased visibility with excellent image quality. EIS is ideal for outdoor applications where vibration is commonly encountered in surveillance and traffic monitoring.

This white paper presents an overview of what actually happens under the hood of a PC during the video rendering process. With this understanding, you will learn how to estimate the amount of data and processing requirements your PC will require to display one or more video streams on a computer display. Benchmark examples are included to provide a starting point for defining the performance level of a computer system you could expect, and how to estimate your own requirements. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Standards are critical to the development of effective products and services. When properly implemented, they help businesses to expand national, regional and international markets. Costs and time to market for products and services can be reduced resulting in a competitive advantage in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market. 
This white paper provides real images of a license plate with degree of details captured at various distances to provide an answer to the question of "How Far Can I See A License Plate?"
When purchasing decisions are made, businesses should look at the total cost of ownership, not just the initial purchase price. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a calculation designed to help managers make more informed financial decisions.
Hybrid CCTV camera white paperHybrid CCTV cameras support both analog video with serial PTZ control, as well as high-definition network IP video streaming. 

Defog on and off

Read Defog Imaging Processing white paper to discover the power of defog in providing superior video quality in bad weather and in the presence of atmospheric obscurant.

Learn more about the considerations and benefits when migrating from standard definition to high definition video systems. High definition (HD) cameras are now available at commercial prices making it feasible for most applications.

This white paper discusses the various video streaming protocols, how they work, and when to choose which protocol. Video streaming protocol is the transfer method for digitally encoded video from the camera to the client side for viewing. Discover in this white paper the wide range of protocols supported by CohuHD cameras. 
Customers want to be certain that the camera system they select is the right one for their needs. One of   the most frequent questions customers ask in the video surveillance industry is How far can I see? This paper describes the criteria used in determining how far a camera can see.
Pressurizing and sealing camera enclosures (IP67) protects sensitive optics and electronics while providing the clearest image possible under a wide range of environmental conditions. This whitepaper explores the industry protection standards and the unique solution that CohuHD provides for protection of camera optics and electronics.