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8800 Series

Outdoor IP67,
Ultra Long-Range,
Analog SD

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Specialty Cameras: Long-range, thermal, dual head and low-light video surveillance cameras

8800 Series Cameras Systems
Outdoor IP67, Ultra Long-Range, Analog SD

Applications. The CohuHD 8800 Series Camera is the ultimate high performance, long-range, surveillance solution. With its configurable camera, lens, and accessory options the 8800 excels at border, port, and shipboard security, range safety, intruder detection, and targeting or tracking applications.

The 8800 is perfect for security and targeting applications. At optimum configuration, it can precisely identify a human at 5.9km; recognize at 9.7km, and detect at 30km. For range safety and targeting applications those ranges are extended to identify at 17.5km, recognize at 29km, and detect at 30km.*

Key Features. With two standard configurations and nearly an unlimited amount of optional configurations, the 8800 Series is guaranteed to solve your unique security application. Configurations include a choice of camera type (day/night color or monochrome) and your choice of long-range telephoto lens while standard features include multi-protocol control, ID generator, serial interface, and sunshields on robust environmental enclosures.

In fact, CohuHD has consistently met NEMA TS-2 environmental specifications, IEC’s IP67 electrical specifications, and the military’s MILE-5400T specification for explosion and shock hazards.

Additional Options. In addition to the wide variety of standard choices and features, the 8800 Series camera has several valuable options to choose from. Optional paint scheme, reticule, boresighting, and arctic heaters all serve to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of the camera.

CohuHD’s Commitment to Quality. Because it is made by CohuHD,you can be assured that the 8800 Series cameras are engineered for reliability and value. The camera is protected by our legendary IP67 camera enclosure that shields your investment from intrusion of water, pollutants, and corrosives that degrade the camera. This technology insures years of clean, reliable images backed by a world-class warranty.


  • High performance day/night DSP color camera
  • Boresight ready monochrome camera
  • Configurable with nearly any current CohuHD camera
  • High SNR for ultra-clear images
  • Robust IP67 enclosure
  • RS232/422 control
  • Long range telephoto lens
  • Extreme low light capabilities
  • Unlimited options and configurations for meeting precise project specifications
  • Multi-manufacturer protocol control

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